Schedule of paper presentations

Date Paper(s) Presenter(s) Specifics
January 12 Course Introduction, Network Analysis Primer Alan Mislove  
  Theoretical Network Analysis    
January 15 Emergence of scaling in random networks Alan Mislove  
  Collective Dynamics of Small-World Networks Alan Mislove  
January 19 Identity and search in social networks Alan Mislove  
  Navigation in a Small World Alan Mislove  
  Error and attack tolerance of complex networks Alan Mislove  
January 22 Finding and Evaluating Community Structure in Networks Nick Blumm communityFinding.pdf
  A Local Method for Detecting Communities Nick Blumm  
  Modularity and Community Structure Nick Blumm  
January 26 Cascading Behavior in Networks Adam Blackwell Slides Book
  Group Formation in Large Social Networks Alan Mislove Slides
  Sociological Theory    
January 29 The Strength of Weak Ties Liang Zhang  
February 2 Project presentations    
February 5 Class canceled    
February 9 Threshold Models of Collective Behavior Deep Singh
February 12 An Experimental Study of the Small World Problem Santosh Kalyankrishnan  
February 16 An Experimental Study of Search in Global Social Networks Raghuram Krishnamachari Slides
  Social Network Size in Humans    
  Real-World Network Measurement    
February 19 Graph Structure In The Web Bhanu Kaushik
  The Diameter of the Web
February 23 Measurement and Analysis of Online Social Networks Xiang Cui Slides
  Geographic Routing In Social Networks Xiang Cui Slides
February 26 Understanding individual human mobility patterns Manish Maheshwari
March 9 You are who you know: Inferring user profiles in Online Social Networks Bipin Shetty Slides  
March 12 User Interactions in Social Networks and their Implications Alan Mislove  
March 16 Finish previous paper, presentations   castesystemProject.pdf
March 19 Meme-tracking and the Dynamics of the News Cycle Santosh Kalyankrishnan  
March 23 Structure and tie strengths in mobile communication networks Bipin Shetty Slides
  Applying Social Networks to Systems    
March 26 SybilGuard: Defending Against Sybil Attacks via Social Networks Deep Singh sybilguard-Slides.pdf
March 30 Ostra: Leveraging trust to thwart unwanted communication Xiang Cui Slides Slides_PDF
April 2 Exploiting Social Networks for Internet Search Raghuram Krishnamachari Slides
April 6 Class canceled    
April 9 Class canceled    
April 13 Sybil-Resilient Online Content Voting Manish Maheshwari Sybil-Resilient_Online_Content_Rating.pdf
  Other Topics    
April 16 Deployment of a Large-scale Peer-to-Peer Social Network Bhanu Kaushik Slides_pdf  | Slides_ppt
April 20 Presentations Bipin/Santosh Slides
    Bhanu/Deep/Xiang Slides
    Raghuram / Manish Slides | PDF
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