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Unspecified Solutions from Other Universities

MTSU is somehow tracking exactly the kind of data we're looking for. In the 2002 report they say the data was collected from a 'card reader system' but don't elaborate. Possibly this is just data from the swipe when people enter or exit.

University of Wyoming has some system . But it's only viewable from their computers. Worth an email?

Other Options



University of Wisconsin uses this application and has a public dashboard here.

Louisiana State also uses it. Dashboard here.
They use nice maps of the geographical layout of the labs to visually see what computers are in use / idle / offline. Here's an example


  • View the status of every computer in real time.
  • Allow students to see the operating system of each computer.
  • Create your map in seconds using the data already collected by LabStats
  • See who is logged in on each computer (administrator only)
  • Link to a login history for a computer or a user (administrator only).
  • Enter and track problems with computers using the integrated Trouble Ticket system.
  • Identify computers that have unresolved problems by the warning icon on the map.
  • Display the maps on your own school's website using simple html code.
  • Track total number of times an application was launched on a computer or in an entire lab.
  • Record amount of time an application was running on a computer or in a lab.
  • Find average length of time an application was used each time it was launched.
  • Create tabular report on selected applications and labs or computers.
  • CSV export of all application data to use in your own way.
  • Create bar charts showing AppUse stats.
  • Manage energy efficiency by controlling power of computers in the lab.
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