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Backend (Flamongo)

Sits on top of a database

Handles requests from the Aggregator to write to the database

Handles requests from the Frontend for information from the database to be used for rendering


Database - MongoDB (data stored as JSON-style documents)

PyMongo for interfacing with MongoDB

    "login": String,
    "user-sessions": Number,
    "hostname": String,
    "os": String,
    "version": String,
    "timestamp": DateTime

Note: user-sessions refers to the number of concurrent sessions the user has (e.g. if the user is sitting at the computer and is also ssh'd in from a different computer, then it should be 2)


We will request a VM (xen or VMWare slice).

We can install Mongo via the pre-built binary from

The python binding can be installed via pip (pip install pymongo). Docs:


== Lab Metrics Backend ==


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