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Steps to set up to record for NURD Radio:

  1. Install microphone interface drivers, following instructions on how to get it working with the program you are going to use to record.
  2. Put the microphones on the stands using the shockmounts. Make sure that the elastic around the shockmount is in tact, otherwise the shockmount will not work properly.
  3. Place the pop filters in front of the mircrophones. Make sure that the microphones are facing in the right direction (for the large studio mics, I believe that the front is the side with the logo on it)
  4. Connect the microphones in through the xlr and/or the 1/4" inputs, making sure that they are plugged in all the way.
  5. Plug in the usb cable running from the interface into the computer.
  6. Try to record. If you aren't getting any audio, either the mic are phantom powered and you haven't turned this on on the interface, or you need to go into your audio recording program's settings/preferences, and change the audio in setting to the interface.
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