Crew is the Volunteer Systems Group at CCIS. We are a group of self-motivated students (not a student group) who investigates new and potentially cool technologies, organizes and performs research & development for the CCIS Systems Group, and strives to improve and produce services that benefit the CCIS community.

If you are interested in working on one of our projects. Stop by 312WVH aka 'The Pit'.

Current Projects (2014)

  • Bakesale
    The latest attempt at the digital display system


  1. Crew U
    Crew U is a place to learn the basics. There will be tutorials here covering everything from networking to programing languages and beyond!
  2. IRC
    A chatroom for us to hangout and chat. Discuss your ideas and run it by someone else!
  3. Infrastructure
    Detailed explanation of the current Infrastructure as well as the planned infrastructure.
  4. If you are looking for anything from the previous Crew Wiki check out OLD
  5. Wordpress Ubuntu Install
    How to install wordpress on Ubuntu
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