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  • ASUS Tablet tethering on Ubuntu 12.04LTS
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To use ASUS Tablet tethering with a Ubuntu 12.04LTS laptop, you should follow the steps:

On Ubuntu 12.04LTS:

  1. Make sure from Power Properties that the laptop does nothing when the lid if colsed.
  2. Make sure that in Desktop Sharing:
    • Allow other users to view your desktop
    • Allow other users to control your desktop
    • Add a password.
    • Show Notification Area Icon only when someone is connected.

On the tablet, which is connected by USB to the laptop:

  1. Enable USB tethering on tablet:
    • Goto: Settings-> Wireless & networks-> Tethering & portable hotspot
    • Make sure USB tethering is checked
  2. Find the ip address of the laptop's usb0 device:
    • In a terminal run 'ifconfig'. locate the usb0 device
    • Write down the 'inet addr' for the device.
  3. Start androidVNC program on the tablet:
    • Enter ip address from step 2 into the 'Address' box.
    • Click 'Connect'
    • The pass is the same as above, and the Port should be the default one.

Alternate approach using vnc4server on Ubuntu 12.04

sudo apt-get install vnc4server

to start: vncserver -depth 24 -geometry 1280x750

on first start it will request you set a password, no shorter than 6 digits, and more than 8 digits may be ignored

to stop: vncserver -kill :1

in ~/.vnc/xstartup you may want to add something like

[ -d $HOME/scripts ] && export PATH=$HOME/scripts:$PATH

and set the terminal geometry to e.g. 80x10+10+520

set do nothing on lid close and no screen blanking in system settings (I am using gnome classic, not unity) and also set IgnoreLid=true in /etc/UPower/UPower.conf

in androidvnc use port 5901, set force full screen bitmap ON, 24 bit color

tap and hold to drag mouse

tap and hold to get zoom and keyboard icons

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