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This page lists popular software packages related to our work and plausibly accessible to us.


ROS - robot operating system from willow garage (rosjava)
MRPT - mobile robotics programming toolkit
OpenSLAM - repository of open SLAM implementations
Orocos - kinematics and dynamics, bayesian filtering, real-time control
Rock - the robot construction kit (based on Orocos)
RTK - Robot Tool Kit
Stanford-WBC - Whole Body Control
YARP - Yet Another Robot Platform
OMPL - Open Motion Planing Library
CoMPS - Constrained Manipulation Planning Suite
lcm - Lightweight Communications and Marshalling
April Robotics Toolkit - Including AprilTags and camera calibration code
AX12 Firmware
Libbarrett - Barret Technology's GPL real-time controls library for their products (Ubuntu+Xenomai+CAN)
Reflexxes - Online trajectory generation
OpenRT - CORBA middleware for robotics developed mainly in Japan
MInTOS - Manifold Interpolation and Time Optimized Smoothing
Klamp't - Kris' Locomotion and Manipulation Planning Toolbox
Synapticon - Motion control modules and software

Vision, Perception

libCVD and TooN
PCL - Point Cloud Library
cpu_tsdf - CPU-based TSDF implementation
kinfu_remake - OpenCV-based Kinfu rewrite by the original author
fastfusion - Volumetric 3D Mapping in Real-Time on a CPU
SVO - semi-direct monocular visual odometry
rgbd-grabber - DS325 and CamBoard Nano RGB-D camera grabber for OpenCV and PCL
Open Perception - Open Perception
OpenGV - library for solving calibrated central and non-central geometric vision problems
ViSP - Visual Servoing Platform
Minoru Stereo Code
libv4l2cam - Interface to OpenCV Camera devices wrapped around V4L2
AprilTags - visual fiducial system
ARToolKit - fiducial based camera tracking


Alibre - mechanical design
SolidWorks - mechanical design
Autodesk Education Community - free autodesk products for edu


Gazebo - 3D simulator based on ODE and OGRE (used in ROS)
Stage - 2D simulator (also used in ROS)
Webots - commercial (non-free) simulator with many practical robot models
V-Rep - Virtual Robot Experimentation Platform
Usarsim - based on Unreal Engine
Unity3D - a popular free-as-in-beer-but-not-speech and powerful 3D game engine and development environment
MORSE - robotics simulator based on blender (also see here)
MuJoCo - simulation of Multi-Joint dynamics with Contact
SimMechanics - Matlab/Simulink toolbox for mechanical simulation, including 3D robots
OpenRAVE - Open Robotics Automation Virtual Environment
BlenSor - blender (range) sensor simulation
OpenGRASP - A Simulation Toolkit for grasping and dexterous manipulation
SimulationConstructionSet - free IHMC/Yobotics Java 3D dynamics simulation software
OpenHRP3 - Open Architecture Human-centered Robotics Platform, open source dynamic simulation developed mainly in Japan

Graphics and Modeling

Blender - modeling and animation
tikz-3dplot - (blog) simple 3D plots in latex
Sketch - A 3D Scene Description Translator for latex




Matlab File Exchange
PID Control Design
Binary STL file reader
Learning the Kalman Filter
SimMechanics Link - possibly the best way to export a robot model from a CAD assembly, including a converter to ROS URDF

Software Development

SVN Book

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