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Also see Software.


RobotShop - robots, kits, and components
Pololu - hobby robotics components, Orangutan control boards, lasercuting $2.50/min+matl, $25 min
Parallax - control boards, robots, nice drive motors $280 and passive caster $40 (both used by Crustcrawler Nomad)
CrustCrawler - robots
Acroname - robots, components, mecanum-type wheels $13 (for caster)


DigiKey - major online electronics distributor
Mouser - major online electronics distributor
Sparkfun - hobby electronics, meccanum wheels
BatterySpace - Batteries
Battery-Superstore - Batteries
Cheap Battery Packs - Batteries, silicone insulated low-gauge wire
Battery Geeks - self contained battery units


McMaster - major online mechanical distributor
80/20 - "the industrial erector set"
Online Metals - metals and plastics
Small Parts - components
SDP/SI - drivetrain components
Microfasteners - fasteners
Nordex - drivetrain components
Berg - drivetrain components
PIC Design - drivetrain components
Micromo - high end motors
Maxon - high end motors


batchpcb - (associated with Sparkfun) $10 + $2.50/in^2 2L, $8/in^2 4L, 10x15in max
Ponoko - plastic & metal lasercutting $2/min+matl; SLS nylon $0.80/cm^3
Shapeways - FDM ABS $2.50/cm^3; SLS nylon $1.50/cm^3
Big Blue Saw - waterjet and lasercutting

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