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* gitosis
* redmine/bugtracker
* You'll need to made a database.yml file yourself. You can use the redmine install that comes with ubuntu (sudo apt-get install redmine) - it appears to work fine. the commands below will pretty much get you off the ground. Note that redmine uses the mysql repository, so you'll need to have that set up before you try running it.


* DDS Backend for the lab
* DDS should have instructions to set this up and recreate it. I'm pretty sure I wrote them.
* The data for this is located on crew-mysql


* You can probably guess what this is doing
* Used by all of
* A dump of the database is at /proj/crew/kvm/sqldump - before this machine is brought down for good, it would probably be prudent to dump again.
* You can restore the dump using "mysql -u root -p < dumpfilename.sql"
* When dumping be sure to dump --all-databases
* Keep in mind this will also export the users DB