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h2. Possibly Helpful Links

Some of the following links might be helpful:

* Official Cobbler project page: []

* Launchpad page for Cobbler: []

Note that Cobbler support in Ubuntu is still in development.

* Decision to make Cobbler part of Ubuntu roadmap (see section "Oh…and One More Thing"): [] (the author, Robbie Williamson, is Ubuntu Server Team Manager at Canonical)

* "The futre" (sic) of Ubuntu Server, and cobbler's role in that future (see section "The futre"): [] (the author, Chuck Short, is a developer on the Ubuntu Server Team at Canonical)

* "Using Cobbler on Ubuntu" (how to install & setup cobbler on Ubuntu): []

* And a celebratory Twitter post made by Canonical Server Team Manager Robbie Williamson in reply to Chuck Short's "Using Cobbler on Ubuntu" blog post: [] ("whoohoo\! Cobbler now in the ubuntu archive...and it actually works\! :p []" on 2011-01-19)

Point being: Cobbler on Ubuntu is new, and still under very active development.